Want to take your UX career to the next level?

THRIVE is a UX career coaching program that will help you create a portfolio, know how to present about your projects, and be ready to nail your interviews.

Some of the companies my UX career coaching clients have been hired at:

Abriel Shipley Testimonial

"Sarah took my career to the next level! She provided me with so much one-on-one guidance on my portfolio and helped me prepare for interviews. I owe so much to her for all that she's done!"

– Abriel, UX Designer at Home Depot

Have you ever seen an awesome UX role, but didn't apply because you thought, "my portfolio isn't ready."

Sound Familiar?

Maybe you’ve spent all weekend scrambling to get your portfolio finished … only to realize on Monday that the position’s no longer available.

Imagine how your life would change if you had a portfolio you’re proud of, and that’s ready to go? 

Imagine if you had everything you needed to apply for your next UX role? 

Imagine being ready to present your projects, be confident in design exercises / challenges, and be prepared for the in person interviews?

How many more opportunities you could apply to? How could your career look different in 3 months?

I know what it feels like to apply to roles, get interviews, and not have those interviews turn into offers.

Early in my career, I spent countless late nights rushing to finish my UX portfolio because a cool opportunity came my way.

But the same thing happened every time … because I procrastinated, I always had to rush. And that rushing always resulted in a focus on the wrong things! A focus on the “design” of my portfolio and not the story or narrative.

So by the time I got to the job interviews, I didn’t truly know what to talk about. The conversation would be surface level, and I got passed over for a lot of my dream UX roles at the time.

But things changed when I treated my UX portfolio & career like a project. 

When I stopped treating it like a side project and got serious, I started to get the results I wanted. And the best part? By focusing on the story of each project first, I was far more confident in my interviews. 

This ability to articulate my design decisions also also helped me tremendously in my day-to-day as a UX designer. 

You absolutely can have the UX career you dream of. I created this 3-month career coaching program to help you get there. Because doing it in a silo isn’t working. You’re overthinking everything and not focusing on the details that actually matter. 

Let’s do this!  

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