5 UX Soft Skills You Need To Stand Out

UX Soft Skills

It’s not enough to know the software, trends, and talk the talk.

If you want to stand out as a professional, grow your career, and be able to influence and impact your team and company, then you must develop skills that go beyond the basics.

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What is the best format for a UX portfolio?

Icon of a street sign with direction signs pointing to right and left.

The format of your UX portfolio can make or break the experience that recruiters and hiring managers have when using your portfolio!

You must step back and consider the full experience of how people will experience your content from the first interaction to what you might present in a job interview. 

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How to write a UX case study

Icon of a browser with text inside of it.

People keep telling you to “tell a story” about each project in your UX portfolio. But you still aren’t sure HOW to write an actual UX case study. This article breaks down the 5 step process to write a UX case study for your portfolio.

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10 Questions To Critique Your UX Portfolio

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You wouldn’t launch a product without doing some Q&A and gathering some feedback, right? The same applies to your UX portfolio. Use these 10 questions to critique your UX portfolio and identify high-impact changes you can make immediately to help you effectively showcase your skills and stand out.

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